Black Amazon Expo, December 1 and December 2, 2018. Please click to buy online tickets, vendors tables and sponsorship and international guest participant
Guest Appearance by Fashion Designer Egypt Ufele, Ghana Sherifa Gunu
2 days Cultural Arts, Vendors, Artists Convention USA, Ghana Cultural Arts Talent Awards USA, Queens Ball 2018 in Elizabeth New Jersey Please click to buy tickets, vendors tables, sponsorship and Generate your Invite Letter and Paid Registration May 19, and May 20, 2018
Ghana Cultural Arts Talent Awards USA 2018, Elizabeth New Jersey. Please click to buy tickets, and vendors tables
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Why does Africa suffer? Some Banks suppresses countries in Africa when they apply for loans; accept South Africa. They restrict their Governments from hiring therefore many are unemployed, they suppress their increase in wages therefore many are poor, struggling and homeless, they suppress subsidized medical therfore many are sick and die. We operate as an independent 501c3 organization and not relying on Government funding; therefore your donation of any amount is crucial in rebuilding Africa. Our organization is credible and fundraise to fund our projects. We have a compassion for helping those in need and the less fortunate. Kids steal hearts with their gracious smile and appreciation of whatever we give them.compassion for helping does in need and helpless
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